Kathryn Stanley

Voice Actor & Audio Editor

Kathryn (She/Her) is a voice actress and audio engineer based out of South Florida who edits and produces audio fiction and podcasts. She has acting experience both on and off stage and specializes in realism and environmental sound design. She enjoys accent work and loves being challenged in the roles she takes on.

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Voice Acting

Kathryn is trained in British RP, Cockney, Irish, and Scottish, and Southern accents. Her natural speaking voice is mid to high range.

The Mistress Files: Pestilence/Emilia Colins

Chain of Being: Valenedd

Birds of Prey: Outcry: Karen Crane

HUBRIS: A 24 Hour Podcast Project:
Hope (Round 1), Mal (Round 2), Griffzar 1, Water Nymph (Round 3)

Brave New Frontiersman: Therese

Voiders: Galaxy Burger Cashier

#DadBodOddPod (CONCEPT SHORT: “SHELL” Prologue: The Bridge (S2E00)): Christine the Navigator

Audio Editing & Sound Design

Kathryn is proficient in dialogue editing and cleanup, take selection and splicing, sound design, and music selection for a wide range of audio dramas and podcasts.

The Dichotomy

The Mistress Files

The Dirty Twenty DnD Podcast

The Waystation


HUBRIS: Hope on the Horizon (Round 1)

HUBRIS: In The Heist (Round 2)

HUBRIS: To Dream Once More (Round 3)

#DadBodOddPod (CONCEPT SHORT: “SHELL” Prologue: The Bridge (S2E00))

Realms of Peril & Glory: Vael

Kathryn was nominated in the 2020 Audio Verse Awards for her sound design in the categories of Environmental Sound Design in a New Production for The Mistress Files and Action Sound Design in a New Production for The Dichotomy.

Animation Sound Design

Animation projects Kathryn has worked on.


Voice Acting

The Dichotomy

The Green Horizon

Designation: Iron Maiden

Editing & Sound Design

Erai's Destiny

Designation: Iron Maiden

Quoth the Raven Queen

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Demo Reel

Recording Specs: Rode NT1 Cardioid Condenser XLR Microphone with Pop Filter, Scarlett Focusrite Solo 3rd Generation Interface, Treated Recording Space

Creative Projects

A client project (posted with permission) of a fan-made Hazbin Hotel short.

A fan video for the YouTuber Thomas Sanders using his original music and videos.

A scripted commercial project for the Laughably Dapper audio drama, promoting the Ivory Monocle Tea Shop.

D&D Soundscapes

A collection of soundscapes and videos made based on characters in our D&D campaign.